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 Rauma Basket is a local basketball club in Rauma, Finland. We offer basketball to all players from the age 4 up. 

We warmly welcome all players, also those who do not speak Finnish. All our coaches can communicate in at least a beginners level of english. All of our teams take new players throughout the year.

If you or your children wish to start playing basketball, please contact the head coach or team manager of the team or our office at  You'll find the contact information for the coaches here and the team managers here

Our teams

  • Basketball School (Koriskoulu) is for children between the ages 5 and 7. Basketball school offers a wide variety of fun and sporty games, it is not yet basketball orientated. The most important objective is to support every child’s holistic development from his/her point of view and offer feelings of success.
  • Youth teams (Juniorit) we offer teams for girls and boys starting from the age 7 all the way to adulthood.
  • Competetive teams for adults, we offer a chance for adults to play basketball in the wester region divisions. Our mens and womens teams currenlty play in the 3rd division.
  • Recreational teams for adults, we also offer recreational teams for men and women. These teams focus onplaying basketball as a fun sport, not competitively.
  • We also have various camps for players of different ages during the year.


Our teams participate in basketball leagues run by the Finnish Basketball Association. A player is obligated to purchase a Finnish Basketball Association’s player license in order to be eligible to play in thegames. You are able to purchase an insurance with the license. Please note that players are not insured by Rauma Basket and that we strongly recommend that each player has their own insurance that covers basketball.  


Each player is required to pay an annual season fee which is determined each year.  These fees are used to cover costs such as rent, coaches fees, game expenses, referees etc. 

Invoices for the seasonal fees are sent from the clubs office by e-mail monthly.  


  • Rent for practice gym
  • Payments for Finnish Basketball Assiciation for regional league fees
  • Coaches’ fees and training
  • Referee costs
  • Annual Rauma Basket-product
  • Member fee
  • Club’s collective costs, such as administrative costs
  • Players’ jerseys (mikro and mini aged players)


  • Basketball license, needed for all players who attend the regional series
  • Personal insurance. Each player is responsible for his/her own insurance.
  • Tournament costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Basketball equipment (Shoes, clothes and ball)
  • Players’ jerseys (for players in U14 teams and up)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 

Welcome to the Rauma Basket basketball family. 

Please fill out the form to join our teams. You may also contact the team leaders or coaches directly.


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